Ella Turenne

artist. activist. educator. entrepreneur.

Current Projects

Love, Locs & Liberation

Ella Turenne’s solo play weaves together her own stories of struggles with identity and beauty. From rituals that Black women hold in relation with their hair to her experience as an American woman with strong ties to her Haitian culture, Ella blends poetry, song and humor in this one hour piece. She unlocks the history of locs experienced by Black women, revealing many mishaps and triumphs. Through the eyes of 21 different characters – from a 5th grade bully to Madam CJ Walker – she exposes the hair connection – to politics, identity and culture, illustrating why hair is an intimate and essential part of Black life.


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Love, Locs & Liberation Wins an Encore Producer Award

Love, Locs & Liberation, Hollywood Fringe Festival Scholarship recipient, has been selected for an Encore Producer Award. The Encore Producer Awards (Formerly the Best of Fringe- Extensions) is a selection of the best of the best of... Read More

Ella featured in LA Times article

Check out the June 2018 LA Times article about the Hollywood Fringe Festival with a feature about Ella!  ... Read More

Beauty is More Than Hair Deep

Every woman has a hairstory. It’s a common bond. I have short, very tight kinky curls. So when I was little I would find the longest scarf in the house and tie it around my head so I could pretend to have long hair. I wanted my mom to... Read More

Spotlight On…Ella Turenne

Theatre in the Now features Ella Turenne Spotlight On…Ella Turenne Name: Ella Turenne Hometown: Laurelton, Queens NY Education: BA – Stony Brook University, MSW, Boston University Favorite Credits: The Black List, Sister Mary... Read More

Who am I?

A one woman army of culture…


I am not defined by one medium. I'm a poet/actor/writer/filmmaker/visual artist. For me, art is like breathing. It's absolutely necessary for survival. It’s my form of revolution.


I'm a changemaker who wants to see us living in an equitable world. I'm a champion of freedom, justice and expression.


I consider education a form of activism. My mission is to create spaces where people can find their own agency and use that towards the collective good.


My values of freedom and creativity compel me to create opportunities for myself and others to live and be our most authentic selves.