I am not defined by one medium.

ella-filmFor me, art is like breathing.
It is absolutely necessary for survival. It’s my form of revolution. Even teaching and learning to me is an art and a form of social change. In some places even a form of social protest. I have come to recognize and embrace the fact that I am trying to become an expert in many different artistic fields.

Ever since I can remember, I have had an insatiable need to work in every and any medium I could get my hands on. I have great admiration for those who can rest on one medium…I just can’t seem to do that. When someone asks me what am I, I say that I’m an artist. Not simply a writer, poet, actress, etc. Artist. I am not defined by one medium. They are all tools and vehicles for the things I want to say or the things I am feeling or the things I observe in the world. I share these with others through my art.

At a certain point, especially in thinking about furthering my education, I really thought I had to focus on one or two things. The more I grow and experiment, the more I am interested in seeing how I can invent new ways of expression. The great Sonia Sanchez once told me that you need to learn the art….study the art. You need to master the art. Then you should throw it out and invent your own. I’m inventing. Every day in itself is an invention and I live for the moments when I am fully in that inventing state.