Freedom: A Tale of the First Black Republic

Director Statement

When the idea of filming “Freedom” as a docupoem came up in conversation, I did a great deal of research about the reality of what freedom means. Not just to me but to the many that have been oppressed in the past. To be frank, it was a heavy thought and thus I wanted this representation to be just as abstract as the journey so many have taken.

I often admire other artist’s work in my free time and was recently inspired by a photograph that featured a city building – solid in structure – manipulated to be as fluid as nature. As I thought about how this concept could be translated into motion, I realized this concept is the antithesis of freedom. Freedom, or transformation from one perspective into another by way of the mind and then action.

I found the filming process was just as complex as the idea of freedom but lots of fun using greenscreen, visual effects and composting as a tool to show what i like to call “the growth of truth” around Ella (the poet) as she preformed her elegant piece. I believe this project is a true conversation, a bridge between reality and disbelief. As odd as that sounds, freedom is powerful love of force to all who oppress it.

M. Brown


Tags: Art, Film

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