Haitian Culture

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Poets for Ayiti is a collective of poets from diverse backgrounds committed to the power of poetry to transform and educate. Inspired by the Haitian people’s history of resistance and continuous resilience, Poets of Ayiti publishes books; organizes and encourages poetry gatherings across the United States and the world; and urges poets and poetry organizations to read the work of Haitian poets in all print mediums, on line and via radio.

– We have come together to show our commitment to our brothers and sisters in Haiti.
– We believe that our poems are our strongest expression of love.
– We believe that, along with desperately needed things, love can make life possible.
– We are poets from different backgrounds, languages, and geographies, including Haiti.
– We honor, are inspired by, and celebrate the history of resistance, the stunning and resilient spirit,
  poetry and culture of the Haitian people.
– We invite you to join us.

Founding Poets for Ayiti: Keisha-Gaye Anderson, Linda Baldanzi, Kathy Engel Janlori Goldman, Monica A. Hand, Ellen Miller-Mack, Yesenia Montilla, Yolaine St.Fort, Kimberley Ann Rogers, Ella Turenne, Marta Lucia Vargas, Lisa Wujnovich.

For the Crowns of Your Heads

Our limited edition poetry chapbook For The Crowns of Your Heads is available for purchase. Your donation of $20 or more will go toward rebuilding Haiti’s Bibliothèque du Soleil in Port au Prince, a library razed during the recent earthquake. Contact Ella for more information.